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Developed in Oman IX2 (which is accessed via www.otn.com.om) is a new generation of on-line business centre. Via IX2 members can gain access to a number of facilities, which will improve significantly their business effectiveness, reduce costs and improve their relationships with their trading partners.

IX2 facilities include:

  • Member Listing – This provides all members with a listing on the system and a small dedicated web presence or hyperlink to their sites.

  • Document Area – Each member has a secure private area from which they can send and receive business documents such as RFQ’s and Purchase Orders with their trading partners, providing a seamless communication solution for the business and public sector communities either by connecting directly to OTN from their ERP / financial systems or utilizing the iX2 Online Business Centre. Direct connection enables organisations to communicate business documentation to their trading partners at a click of a button and additionally to recall documents from their trading partners directly into their ‘backend system’ ready formatted for use.

  • IXpress – This Oman developed product provides users with an ‘Outlook’ type facility, enabling users to generate documents/document responses ‘off-line’, assisting the users in maintaining document management systems and in reducing the time spent on-line.





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